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​Private Mailbox Service In Palm Springs, CA

Private Mailbox services are great for business owners, full time, and part time residence; Private Mailboxes are confidential, secure, and convenient!  Have you experienced the frustration of ordering something only to miss your package delivery because you weren’t home to sign for the  delivery?  Or worse, was your package delivered but left outside by the Carrier, only to have it stolen?  Consider the benefits of a Private Mailbox service a solution!  Postal Palm Springs is open six days per week allowing all carriers a safe, secure, climate-controlled delivery option.


  • Our customer's confidentiality and privacy are our first concern;
  • Anonymity & Privacy, your information is safe with us;
  • Our policy at Postal Palm Springs is to never provide any customer information to anyone unless compelled to do so through a sebpoena, law enforcement, the USPS Post Master or a Judge; and
  • Team Members agrees and signs a strict confidentiality agreement regarding all business at Postal Palm Springs but especially including our customer's business.


  • Secure storage warehouse with 24-hour audio and video surveillance across sixteen cameras; 
  • Our full-service alarm continually monitors for flood, fire, and burglary to help protect your confidential mail and packages;
  • Our storage facility is climate-controlled with lighting 24/7;
  • We manage access to our mailroom restricting access, and only while being monitored, to essential persons only;
  • Identity thieves can find everything they need to know about you by stealing letters directly from your home mailbox, it's essential for you to use a secure Private Mailbox to protect yourself;
  • Carriers leave your packages on your doorstep for thieves to easily steel, at Postal Palm Springs your packages can safely be delivered to a secure mailroom for your retrieval; and
  • We maintain a package management system to record the time, date, sender, carrier and tracking number of all packages received.


  • A real street address accepting deliveries from all carriers;
  • 24-hour access to your mailbox, with additional service option;
  • Mail and package notification via text and email;
  • Mail and package forwarding services available;
  • Digital mail services, available with additional service option; and
  • ​Never miss an important Carrier delivery again, Postal Palm Springs is open during normal business hours for all deliveries.

Setup is easy, just a couple quick steps:

Step 1

Drop-off, Email, website upload, or fax (760-864-1402) your two forms of acceptable ID and completed service agreement (one for each mailbox customer or business entity);

Step 2

Choose a convenient way to complete the service agreement:

  1. Print and return, or
  2. Online eSignature

Step 3

We’ll complete your 1583 but you'll need to sign the 1583 one of two ways:

  1. In our presence, or
  2. In the presence of a notary.

Step 4, the Final Step

We need to collect your payment which you can make at our store or over the phone.

Additional Private Mailbox Documents:

Have A Question About Our Private Mailbox Service?

Call (760) 864-1401 today to learn more or to start your Private Mailbox service.  If you’d like to send an email message, click here.

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